This section is not really up to date, and doesn't properly reflect the huge amount of speaking engagements I had in the last few years.


International conferences

  • A webcast for Black Hat on automated malware analysis.
  • Slides from my presentation with Paolo Milani Comparetti on the WOMBAT API at Black Hat DC 2010.
  • Slides from Black Hat Europe 2009 on Masibty, a web application firewall based on unsupervised learning.
  • Slides from Black Hat 2007, on the then newborn WOMBAT project.
  • Slides from Black Hat DC 2007 on host and network anomaly detection and their correlation.
  • Slides from my presentation on IDS performance evaluation at FIRST 2007
  • Slides from Black Hat Europe 2006 on host-based anomaly detection via system call analysis.
  • Slides from Black Hat Europe 2005 on automatic detection of flaws in web applications.
  • Slides from Black Hat 2004 on learning IDS.