I am a full professor at DEIB, the computer engineering department of Politecnico di Milano. My research interests focus on cybersecurity, in particular automated cyber-physical systems security, malware analysis, as well as computer forensics.

The best way to get hold of me is by e-mail: stefano.zanero@polimi.it. Should you ever need to send me sensitive data, please use my PGP key. You can reach me by phone at 4017 (+39 02 2399 4017 from outside), or in my office, first floor, room 118. But it's far easier to find me in my lab, the NECSTLab.

You may wish to check out:

  • A list of my publications
  • A bunch of slides of some of the talks I gave around the world
  • My curriculum vitae (or resume, as you wish)
  • I wrote a few advisories some time ago and I archive them here
  • The page of Tower of Hanoi, the CTF team of POLIMI.
  • You may wish to take a look at my soup, an RSS feed of news and commentaries on information security (historical, not updated)